Thursday, 27 February 2014

Need a rant. Need it now.

OMG Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr. I am so damn frustrated right now. You want to know why? Good, cuz I'm gonna tell you!

Today I was back marking with some beginners. No problem there. Most beginners are very slow and walk quite a bit, which is fine, because everyone starts somewhere. I don't mind running/walking with people who actually want to get better and are trying to get better and improve. But the person I got stuck with today didn't appear to even want to try. She literally refused to run. Whenever I tried to push her to attempt it, all I got was a load of whiney excuses. She couldn't breathe, she had a cold, it was too hard, she was dying, she had a stitch....and on and on and on. We might have jogged for maybe a metre in total. 

I know this sounds really judgmental, but this person just pissed me off. I don't care how slow beginners go as long as they try. All the beginners I've ran with before have been slow, sure, but they've been huffing and puffing their lungs up with the effort. They're struggling to breathe, but still apologising for not being as fast as the others. This person tonight wasn't breathing any harder than if they were walking through the supermarket and didn't appear to care. It really felt like they were just wasting my time, but even worse they had brought a friend with them, who clearly wanted to run but felt guilty about leaving her friend behind, so they were holding their friend back too.

Sorry if I seem like a horrible person for writing this, but It just pissed me off that I could have been trying to support someone who actually wanted to be there and instead was stuck with someone who actively wanted to avoid running.

Ran the half mile home as fast as I could, I was so frustrated. Clocked a 8:49/mi speed. That was the only good to come out of tonight as far as I could tell.

In other news, I'm now signed up for the Bridlington Easter 5 Mile Dash and the Leeds Half Marathon as well as the Wakefield Marathon. Yay!!!

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Janathon day 15 - Uh oh!!!

On the plus side, I did run today. On the minus side, it was only for a mile. My calves felt really tight and I could feel it pulling at my Achilles tendon, so I thought that it was better to stop and live to run another day, rather than risk pushing it and hurting myself, especially given my recent shin soreness.

Another plus is that my run today was only 11 minutes long. Maybe I should reconsider this marathon running business and concentrate on trying to run really fast miles instead. It's gotta be a lot easier to motivate yourself to run for  10 minutes rather than 4-5 hours at a time.

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Janathons 13 & 14 - In all honesty

Janathon day 13 was the walk to work and back (approx. 15 minutes each way). The reason for this uninspiring entry on my janathon record is, in all honesty, because I couldn't be arsed to go for a run. In fairness, it is not just laziness that is causing my reluctance to run. My knees and shins have been feeling a bit sore and overused recently. I'm blaming the pounding they got during my speed sessions.

Janathon day 14 was a 3.29 mile run tonight. I figured I'd better go for an actual run, what with this being a running blog and everything. I'm also involved in an event called Jantastic, which is another running challenge. This months target I've set at 4 runs per week. I should've set it at 3. Then if I only did 3 then I wouldn't look so lazy. But me being me, I went for broke and picked 4. I don't think I've ever ran 4 times a week. Certainly not for a couple of years anyway.

However I didn't thoroughly read the rules of the challenge before signing up. It is a 3 month challenge. In January you only have the number of runs as a target, which would be 4 in my case. However, in February you then have to set another target for how many miles your longest run will be each week (note to self, pick something easy like 10 miles), in addition to the target for number of runs. Then in March, you have to predict your finish time for a given distance and points are taken away for being too fast or too slow. Balls. Let this be a lesson to you all in always reading the small print. Oh well, I suppose it's a really good foundation for my marathon training. Did I mention I was doing another one in June? A really hilly one? When will I learn......?

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Janathon 10, 11 &12 - Erm oops.

Hmm there appears to be a bit of a blip in my good intentions. On Friday the only exercise I got was walking to work and back, and walking to Asda to get the ingredients for my boyfriends romantic birthday meal.

 On Saturday, I slept right through until 4.30pm, and did no exercise that day as I felt too disorientated to contemplate doing anything but watching films on TV. Unless you count the stairs I came down to get to the TV - it's a very loose definition of exercise admittedly.

I must've needed the sleep though, because I never sleep for that long normally, and to be honest I've kinda been feeling like my life has been nothing but work, run, sleep and trying to fit food in somewhere if possible since we started back at work. Maybe I need to shorten my midweek runs so I'm not getting so tired.

However, I was back on form today with an 8.5 miler with some people from SRC. Feel bloody freezing afterwards though. I could do with a niiiiice hot bath to soothe away my hypothermia.

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Janathon days 8&9 - Short and sweet

Short and sweet refers to this post, rather than the run, as I'm really tired and want shower and bed asap.

Yesterday's janathon was just the walk to work and back because I was too tired to do anything after the speed session on Tuesday which I rather stupidly didn't stretch after.

Today's janathon was a more respectable 5.6 miles with SRC, although I was the last runner in my group due to still having achey shins. I stupidly didn't stretch after this run either, due to heading immediately to the pub for a drink with some fellow runners afterwards. At the pub I found myself volunteering to be one of the back markers who make sure we don't lose people on our runs and make sure that even the slowest person (me in tonight's case) has someone to run with. Sergeant Runner Brain would be proud, as it means I have to turn up to more runs as I'm now part of the group of people who try and ensure that other people have a good experience and therefore turn up for more runs themselves.

This janathon business is turning out to be quite good for me. When I did it's sister event, Juneathon a couple of years ago I ended up joining SRC and loving it. Now, during Janathon, I find myself signed up to help encourage others to love running as much as I do. Weird how chance encounters can send your life down a whole new path. If I'd never read then I wouldn't know about janathon and probably would never have felt so inspired to join SRC, so I'd still be running solo and not know all the brilliant people that I do. Go back even further and if I'd never came across 'The Complete Idiot's Guide to Jogging and Running' by Bill Rodgers in the library and picked it up on a whim because it looked interesting, then I'd never have been inspired to give running a try, would still be a couch potato and I would continue to miss any bus that I had to run for.

I said this was going to be short didn't I? Oops. Sometimes I start to get all philosophical about stuff and end up saying whatever comes into my head. I have a particularly annoying habit of philosophising to my boyfriend just as he's trying to go to sleep. Never mind, am off to bed now. Going to be zombiefied in the morning. Again!!! Nite nite x

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Janathon day 6 & 7 - Does cat-wrestling count as exercise?

Yesterday, due to the fact that I'd only had 4 hours sleep the night before, I didn't run. I needed all my energy to keep my eyes open until bedtime, so my Janathon effort was a single plank.

However, today I made up for it with a speed workout which my knees are now feeling the effects of. I'd forgotten how running hard on a pavement can jellify your legs. Today's run wasn't always a given though. All day Sergeant Runner Brain has been battling it out with Lazy brain. Eventually it was concluded that all my excuses for not running (coming down with a cold and being tired) were useless, as Runner Brain pointed out that missing a run wouldn't cure me of the cold and that as I wasn't going to go to bed when I got home, I couldn't use tiredness as an excuse. Runner brain then went on to diagnose me with fear of failure, accusing me of not wanting to run hard as I'm so convinced I won't be good enough that I automatically slow down or not bother running at all, therefore sabotaging my ambitions to be a better runner. Annoyingly, I think she may be right.

Anyway, I'm not sure if this speed session was better or worse than last session. It was better in the sense that I added another half mile of sprinting onto the end, and I still managed to do at least one half mile stint at 8:52/mi. On the other hand, most of my sprints were slower than in my last session. Not by a whole lot, they were still all under 9:30/mi apart from one.

Anyway, I'm even more tired now, so I'm gonna go get some food and try and placate my cat. He still hasn't forgiven me for wrestling him to the ground earlier to try and apply his anti-flea drops, despite the copious amounts of kitty treats he's had since. Can you count cat-wrestling as a Janathon activity?

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Janathon day 5 - Surprise 8 miler

Today I had arranged to meet up with a friend from my running club to go for a run. I didn't know who else was going or what the distance was, just that they were leaving at 3pm. So imagine my surprise when I get to the meeting point to be told we were doing 8-9 miles!!! I haven't ran further than 5 for at least a couple of months. I was rather dubious about my ability to pull off a 9 miler, especially given the speed session I did yesterday, but I wasn't going to back out of the run. I figured I could always head back early if need be.

Anyway, despite it threatening to rain on our parade, we managed to stay dry on our run. All went well, we ran at a very relaxed pace (12.30/mi average) and I didn't have to stop for walk breaks like I thought I would. In fact, had the run turned out to be longer, I think I could've carried on for a few more miles. Unfortunately, one of our group ran into some problems with her calf and had to stop and walk. I ran on ahead with 2 others, with the idea of getting back to the car park and coming back to pick up our wounded member. She must have been power walking though, because by the time we got to her, she was nearly back anyway.

Afterwards 3 of us went for coffee, while the others headed back to walk dogs and look after children etc. When we finally left, a surprisingly icy wind was blowing outside. Brrrrr. It always amazes me how I can be running outside and feel perfectly warm in just a tshirt, yet after a few minutes of standing still, it feels like the temperature has dropped by about 30 degrees Celsius. I've also noticed how the faster you've been running, the more dramatically the temperature seems to drop. I guess that's why they give you those foil blankets after marathons.

The fast few days have been a lot easier than I thought. I thought it'd be a lot harder to run every day. Then again, I suppose it's easy enough when I know I can sleep in in the morning and spend hours soaking in a hot bath afterwards. Tomorrow I'm back at work though, so I can see it being harder to find the willpower when I've gotten up at 7am and worked for 8 hours and have to fit in running, relaxing, making food and everything else in the 5 hours I get to call my own before bedtime.

I'll let you know how it goes tomorrow x